Exploration of Tokyo – Spiritual journey to Rural Metropolis –

Mount Mitake is a 929m high, sacred mountain in West Tokyo. Dedicated to Buddhism, this mountain has served as a training ground for ascetics since ancient times. Here, visitors can experience staying at shukubo – a temple or shrine lodging facility for monks and pilgrims. Embark on a two-day spiritual journey to discover a different side of Japan’s capital, one that transcends its metropolitan facade. Feel the essence of rural Tokyo, a place that will leave an indelible mark on your body and mind.

■ Itinerary:


Pickup at your place of stay in Tokyo

10:40 Start

Depart from Takimoto Sta. by cable car bound for Mitakesan Sta.

*6 min

11:30 Lunch>

Local specialties such as udon or soba and coffee made with top quality water from Mt. Mitake. Enjoy dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients in a dining area with a retro ambience.
*1 hour

12:30 Mount Mitake hiking – Rock Garden Course

★You will come across oddly shaped, moss-covered rocks of various sizes and the pristine stream that beckons visitors to explore the world of deep gorges.

*2h 30min
*Guidance in English (Note: May be a simple guidance by a tour conductor)

15:00 ◎Musashi Mitake Shrine

Located at the peak of Mt. Mitake, this gorgeous shrine has been widely worshipped since ancient times and is a pilgrimage site that dog lovers must not miss.

*You can purchase tags for your dog  and “ema” votive tablets to say a prayer.

◎Shrine’s treasure house

★National treasures, including armor and culturally significant items such as swords, are displayed.
*1 hour

16:00 Stay in pilgrims’ lodge – shukubo

★Accommodation for monks and pilgrims during their shrine/temple visits

18:00 <Dinner> Oshi cuisine

★Taste the rich culinary traditions of Shinto and delectable dishes crafted with the finest local ingredients from the surrounding mountains.

【Optional Night Experiences】

◎Kagura Performance
★Court dance played to worship gods
*1 hour
*Held on the third Sunday (Jun-Nov)
 On other days, paid on-demand service

◎Geisha play experience
★Enjoy geisha dances and try various games with the geisha.
*2 hours

◎Singing bowl healing
 ★Open your chakras to lift your spirits and improve your concentration. 
   *30 min
 *Available only for guests in Sanrakuso
◎Night walk
★Stroll through Nagaodaira to see the night views and illuminated shrine.
*1 hour
*Simple guidance by a tour conductor


Morning worship experience at Musashi Mitake Shrine

★Participate in the morning prayer and purification session and receive blessings from the Shinto priest.
*30 min

08:00 <Breakfast> Japanese cuisine 

Optional Experiences: Culture Plan

◎Indigo dye at “Kosoen”

★Dye clothes in indigo using traditional Edo period techniques. This color, derived from only natural resources, is called “Japan blue.”

*10:00~ about 2 hours

*Guidance in English

*Sales shop available

◎Ninja experience at “Bukeyashiki”

★Train wearing a ninja costume (ninja lesson, sword fighting, blowguns, shuriken, etc.)

*About 2 hours

【Optional Experiences: Adventure Plan】

★ Shower Climbing is a thrilling water sport that offers an excitement packed with breathtaking scenery. Climb up waterfalls, walk along canyons, and slide down, all while surrounded by stunning nature.

*09:00~ about 3 hours

*Guidance in English

*You will be provided with photos and videos of your adventure.

◎Electric scooter guided tour [Conditions: 16 years or older up to 10 people]

★We will take you to places where you can experience Japanese culture and traditions that are known only to a select few and difficult to reach on foot. 

*10:00~ about 2 hours

*Guidance in English

*You will be provided with a video of you riding the electric scooter. 

◎Nippara Limestone Cave

★Visit this nature monument designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, also a sacred place for mountain worshipers. Indulge in the tranquility of an impressive underground shrine and experience the mysteries of nature.

*10:00 ~ about 1 hour

12:45 <Lunch> in Ome city

14:00 ◎Ozawa sake brewery tour (inside Sawanoi Park)

★Tour the warehouse that has been used since the company’s founding, sake, and the cellar lined with aged sake, and the well for brewing water.

*30 min

◎We will stop by “Sawanoi Kikisakedokoro”, where you can taste over 10 types of sake, and “Seiryu Garden Sawanoien”, which offers sake, sake manju and other treats.

16:00 ◎Shop at a large shopping center or visit a hot spring facility.

18:00 <Dinner> Ukai Toriyama

★Enjoy your dinner in the iconic Sukiya-style facility, representing Mt. Takao and the vast 20,000m² garden.

*1h 30min

*Guidance in English

*Drop off at your place of stay in Tokyo

Tour end.


This tour is designed for groups. For less than 8 people, please consult.

For more information, reach out to Keio Travel Agency.

 Contact : dmcjapan@keio-kanko.co.jp