Four-day tour package that includes round-trip highway bus from Shinjuku to central Japan, a flexible pass for travel within the Chubu region, and accommodation for the duration of the tour, including one night in Takayama.
After spending the first night in Takayama, you can choose your own accommodation for the following two nights within the free travel zone (four options have been recommended). Some aspects of this package will also help you make the most of your travels in Japan.


If you are intent on visiting the captivating Chubu region in the center of Japan but are concerned about the ease of access from Tokyo, this tour from Shinjuku through the mountainous regions by bus has been designed to address those concerns and make your journey easy and convenient.
Also, if you are unsure how to use a round-trip ticket, don’t know how to purchase one, or want to avoid long lines when buying it, then rest assured, this tour is for you.
While group tours provide guidance and alleviate concerns about traveling from one destination to the next, they often come with limitations on where you can visit and how much time you can spend there, which can be frustrating if you want the freedom to explore at your own pace.
This tour is a hybrid travel plan that combines the flexibility of individual travel with the security of group travel.


1. Store your large pieces of luggage and make your way to the bus terminal in Shinjuku

  • The lockers in Shinjuku Station can store large pieces of luggage for four days
    Collect your tour package information
  • Outward highway bus ticket, Takayama guide book, contactless prepaid card, etc.

2.Highway bus schedule from Shinjuku to Takayama

  1. 07:00 – 12:50
  2. 08:1514:00

3.Free time to explore Takayama on your own

4.Takayama Green Hotel

◎Tour desk 15:00 – 18:00

  • Collection of Chubu region travel pass and return ticket to Shinjuku
  • Information about the remaining three days of the tour

◎Dinner: Japanese cuisine

◎Information about late night entertainment

  • Dekonaru Yokocho (restaurants and food stalls)
  • Recommended snack bars (hostess bars), bars, and lounges
  • The hotel also has its own private lounge for tour groups (free drink included)

Experiences for overseas visitors close to the hotel are currently being planned (with special benefits for tour participants)  

DAY 2 & DAY 3

Your choice of preferred place to visit

  • Use of Chubu region travel pass (3-star alps ticket)
  • Reservation of accommodation at your preferred location (days 2 and 3)

① Sightseeing: Shirakawa-go

With its beautiful thatched-roof farmhouses that can be likened to the archetypal image of Japan, Shirakawa-go is a nostalgic place where you can still experience the traditional way of life and culture of the people.

Accommodation: Traditional thatched-roof house

There’s more to it than just staying in one of these houses. Here, you can gaze at the beauty of the inverted thatched roof reflected in the rice paddies that are filled with water before planting, along with the changing rural landscapes of the four seasons.

② Sightseeing: Kamikochi, Shinhotaka Kogen

An area of picturesque mountain scenery at an elevation of approximately 1,500 meters and designated as a cultural property for its beauty and nature. Its pristine landscape captivates visitors, who keep returning again and again.

Accommodation: Hirayu Onsen

Hirayu Onsen is located at an altitude of 1,250 meters at the foot of Mt. Norikura in the southern part of the Northern Japan Alps. It is said to be the oldest and most historically significant hot spring of the Okuhida Onsengo Hot Springs in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. As such, various legends and folklore are associated with its discovery.

③ Sightseeing: Norikura Kogen

Norikura Kogen offers picturesque views due to its slightly more remote location from the other mountains of the Northern Japan Alps. The views are magnificent and every visit will offer a different scenery because of the beauty of all four seasons, the sea of clouds, and a refreshing climate even in the peak of summer.

Accommodation: Shirahone Onsen

A hot spring with strong therapeutic benefits and a long-standing saying that goes: “Three days in the hot spring, and you won’t catch a cold for three years.” The spring water is slightly acidic and sulfurous and contains a significant amount of carbonic acid, which helps dilate blood vessels and warms the body.

④ Sightseeing: Takayama (with coupons for use within the city) + Matsumoto

Matsumoto Castle—a national treasure—is the highlight of Matsumoto City. Known as a mercantile city that flourished around Matsumoto Castle, the streets around the station are lined with all kinds of different shops, including large commercial facilities.

Accommodation: Hotel in Matsumoto (only breakfast included)

Accommodation in the city of Matsumoto, where your return bus departs from. This option is recommended if you wish to return to Shinjuku early and make the most of your time for sightseeing in Tokyo or other activities.


1. Make your own way to the Matsumoto Bus Terminal

  • Use the Chubu region travel pass (3-star alps ticket) for the return bus journey

2. Highway bus schedule from Matsumoto to Shinjuku

  • Services depart every 30 minutes to an hour between 04:20 and 19:00 (travel time is roughly four hours)
  • Choose your preferred departure time and reserve seats in advance
  • The tour ends upon arrival at the bus terminal in Shinjuku (collect your large pieces of luggage if you stored them in a locker)